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Video mapping is the process of using projectors to transform a three dimensional object by overlaying images, patterns, or animations. At TSV, we apply this technique to projects from event spaces to the exteriors of massive buildings.

Video mapping can be a great way to accelerate brand exposure; we have worked with some of the largest companies in St. Louis, and nationwide, to create unique branding opportunities. From mapping a corporate headquarters, to presenting some of the most dynamic experiences at festivals and trade shows, TSV's video mapping experience, state-of-the-art equipment, and content creation expertise is a recipe for success!

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Video mapping, as a technique, has been around since the 1960's, but recent developments in software and projection technology have dramatically increased the ability to design and build mapping experiences for both short- and long-term projects.

TSV Sound & Vision has built a reputation as a leader in using new technologies to achieve our clients' vision. Check out the video to the right to learn more about the process of video mapping, and see how mapping can work for your brand or event.

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When Hyundai announced that they would be replacing GM as the official auto sponsor of the NFL, they wanted to do something special to celebrate the new relationship. Video mapping their corporate headquarters in Fountain Valley, CA fit the bill perfectly. Partnering with Stublisher, an interactive software company from Portland, Oregon, TSV Sound & Vision set out to design a system that would provide incredible brightness, and that would overcome some of the geometry challenges posed by the job-site.

The biggest challenge was the building's huge size (300 ft. wide, 100 ft. tall), coupled with a very short available throw distance for the projection. The 405 freeway runs parallel to the building, just 65 ft. away from the projection surface. While the busy freeway offered a great audience for the projection, its proximity to the building meant that we would need to use a large number of projectors, combined with short throw lensing, to cover the amount of the building's surface that Hyundai had specified.

We settled on ten Barco HDX-W18 high definition 18,000 lumen DLP projectors, combined with 1.16-1.49 lenses. Barco's native 16:10 aspect ratio enabled us to achieve greater height in our projection. The final product was an ultra-wide, incredibly bright display that drew thousands of eyes to the new partnership between Hyundai and the NFL. TSV looks forward to using this great canvas for more exciting announcements throughout the NFL season!

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