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TSV carries an assortment of fixtures and effects to add take a lighting show from simple to spectacular. From concerts and parties to corporate events, we have unique lighting ideas and the equipment and expertise to put them in place. Lasers, foggers, backlights, strobes, gobos and patterns, and more!

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[Don't see what you're looking for? These are just a few of our most popular items. Give us a call for a complete list of options.]

Eclipse RGB Laser Light

Eclipse RGB - Laser Light with DMX Control [$20]

Eclipse™ RGB creates a blue and green laser wave that morphs and changes shapes, including beat matching programs and DMX control. Now you can shift the mood from calm and relaxing to upbeat and exciting.

Chauvet Techno Strobe

Techno Strobe - LED Strobe Light Fixture [$30]

With built-in speed and intensity adjustments, Techno Strobe™ 168 is a white, 2-channel DMX strobe light. This powerful fixture is perfect for a variety of applications and can run all night while utilizing very little power.

SLIMbank UV LED Blacklight

SlimBANK UV - LED Blacklight Fixture [$40]

SlimBANK™ UV-18 is a powerful blacklight with 18 high-power UV LEDs, perfect for every setting, from Halloween parties to amusement parks. Make your next event glow with the effect that is always a hit with the crowd.

Chauvet Hurricane 1800 Fog Machine

Hurricane 1800 - High Output Fogger [$45]

Hurricane™ 1800 Flex offers DMX control with adjustable 180-degrees angles, and also comes with a wired timer remote. This water-based fogger also comes with a low fluid indicator and automatic shut down, and works with water-based Fog Juice and Platinum Fog Fluid to fill a venue within minutes.

Chauvet AmHaze II Haze Machine

AmHaze 2 - Professional Haze Machine [$130]

Amhaze™ II is a road-worthy, pro quality water-based haze machine suited for large-scale applications. Amhaze™ II is built specifically to function with the industry’s wide variety of water-based haze fluids, and features a durable, low-profile road case to survive the rigors of touring and production. Haze output and speed can be easily adjusted via DMX or the LCD screen.

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