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LED Lighting Rental

Bright, energy efficient, and long-lasting, LED lighting is truly the new standard in event lighting, and TSV Sound & Vision is Los Angeles's source for LED lighting rental. Color wash, stage wash, uplighting, even intelligent lights are now available with LEDs to provide smooth, bright color mixing. Our new iPad based control systems allow you to pick colors directly from a color wheel, or use RGB values to match an exact tone. LED lighting is perfect for weddings, corporate events, concerts, and parties, and TSV Sound & Vision has the equipment and technicians to use them to their full potential!

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[Don't see what you're looking for? These are just a few of our most popular items. Give us a call for a complete list of options.]

Chauvet ColorDash Block

Colordash Block - RGBW LED Lighting Fixture [$25]

The COLORdash™ Block wash fixture contains 28 1W RGBW LEDs packed into four clusters, and is perfect for uplighting or dance floor lighting. With the addition of white LEDs, this unit offers a virtually limitless range of colors, including pastels and true white. Use it as a wash light or take control of individual pods to create pixel mapping-like effects. Select built-in automated programs or customize your own to create the right show for your application.

  • $25/day
  • $60/week
  • $110/month
LED par can available for rental

PSL 75LE - RGBA Quad LED Lighting Fixture [$30]

The PSL 75LE features 7 4W quad color LEDs for greater depth and brightness. This fixture is primarily used for uplighting.

  • $30/day
  • $75/week
  • $160/month
Chauvet ColorDash Batten Quad 6e

Colordash Batten - RGBA Quad LED Lighting Fixture [$40]

The Chauvet Colordash Batten Quad 6 is an LED uplighting and stage wash fixture with 6 10W RGBA LEDs. The batten configuration of this light means that it uplights a wide section of a wall for smooth, even coverage. Full DMX control, automatic programs, and 3 selectable dimming curves make this fixture a great choice for a variety of applications.

  • $40/day
  • $85/week
  • $190/month
Chauvet COLORado Range IP

Colorado Range IP - Outdoor Architectural LED Wash [$310]

The Chauvet COLORado Range IP is an architectural LED colorwash fixture rated for permanent outdoor use. With 180 5W LEDs, its perfect for providing smooth, even color, even on very large structure, with relatively few fixtures.

  • $310/day
  • $700/week
  • $1310/month

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