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Intelligent Lighting Rental

Take your concert or event to the next level with moving intelligent lights from TSV Sound & Vision! Roaming spotlights, rotating patterns, and colorful washes are just a few of the ways in which these fixtures create an immersive lighting experience for your guests, and in the hands of TSV's lighting designers, these instruments can really be used to their full potential, creating dazzling stage shows and effects.

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Chauvet Q Spot 560 LED

Chauvet QSpot 560 - Moving Head Intelligent Light [$85]

The Q-Spot™ 560-LED is a precise, fully-loaded moving yoke with a bright, even output and a lighter-than-average weight in its class. Three 60-watt diodes, COB technology, dual gobo wheels, a richly saturated color wheel, an iris and a three-facet prism deliver a full arsenal of advanced effects as well as razor-sharp projections for small to mid-size entertainment and hospitality applications.

Moving Head Intelligent LED Wash Light

PNT 105L - Moving Yoke Intelligent LED Colorwash [$70]

The PNT 105L is a high performance moving yoke wash with 7 15W quad-colored RGBW Osram LEDs. Nimble and ultra-compact, it is a multipurpose unit, capable of an excellent wash and multiple effects. The incorporation of white emitters increases the overall brightness, and makes for better color rendering, while the calibration of LEDs ensures the visual uniformity of output.

Martin MAC350 Entour

MAC 350 Entour - LED profile fixture [$310]

The MAC 350 Entour is a cutting edge LED profile fixture with no peers. It surpasses what has previously been possible in terms of brightness, efficiency and compactness in a hard edge LED fixture. Featuring proprietary LED technology, it is the market’s first real alternative to traditional HID-based profile fixtures

Martin MAC700 Profile

MAC 700 - High Output Profile Fixture [Call for Price]

The MAC 700 Profile is a compact, powerful fixture with an output and optical precision beyond its peers. It combines a full CMY color mixing system with an 8-position color wheel and a patented gobo animation system for subtle or dramatic effects. It also features rotating gobos, fixed gobos, iris, zoom system and rotating prism.

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