St. Louis Audio Mixer Rental

Audio Mixer Rental Pricing

TSV Sound & Vision provides a variety of analog and digital mixing consoles to drive the professional audio systems that we bring out to Saint Louis's most important events.

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Our list of available audio consoles is extensive, and includes:

[Don't see what you're looking for? These are just a few of our most popular items. Give us a call for a complete list of options.]

Saint Louis Audio Mixer Rental

Soundcraft EPM6 - 10 ch. Analog Mixer [$35]

The Soundcraft EPM6 is a perfect mixer for small events such as press conferences, speaking engagements, and corporate meetings. It features 6 mic inputs, 2 stereo channels, 3 band EQ with a sweepable mid, and 2 aux outputs.

  • $35/day
  • $75/week
  • $130/month
Saint Louis Audio Mixer Rental

Mackie 1402 - 14 ch. Analog Mixing Console [$45]

The Mackie 1402 is the A/V industry's small format analog mixer of choice. Perfect for small video shoots, press conferences, corporate events and musical performances, it features 6 mic channels and 4 stereo inputs, with 3-band EQ, and 2 aux outputs.

  • $45/day
  • $100/week
  • $160/month
Soundcraft SI Expression 2

Soundcraft Si Expression 2 - 24 ch. Digital Mixing Console [$160]

The Soundcraft Si Expression 2 is a full-featured professional digital mixing console that features 24 channels of impeccable sound, in a compact frame. With full-color touchscreen, 100mm motorized faders, 14 mixes, 4 matrices, and incredible on-board Lexicon effects, the Soundcraft Si Expression 2 is just at home with the stage as it is with the ballroom.

  • $160/day
  • $365/week
  • $820/month
Behringer X32.jpg

Behringer X32 - 32 ch. Digital Mixing Console [$200]

The Behringer X32 is a 32-channel professional digital audio mixer that features big performance in a compact package. Considered by many to be the standard sound desk for any medium-sized club or other venue, the X32 is certainly a workhorse. Featuring 32 inputs (each with motorized faders), amazing on-board effects, 16 mixes and incredible EQ, the X32 can run your "front-of-house" sound, or handle your onstage monitoring, all with the greatest of ease.

Yamaha M7CL-48

Yamaha M7CL - 48 ch. Digital Mixing Console [$285]

The Yamaha M7CL is a 48-channel professional digital mixer that has gained a reputation as one of the audio industry's best boards. The M7CL employs Yamaha's Selected Channel technology and Centralogic design to make your mixing faster and easier. Widely considered to be among the ranks of the truly great digital consoles, the M7CL will certainly tackle any task you give it, without batting an eye.

  • $285/day
  • $700/week
  • $1,850/month

Avid VENUE SC48 - 48 ch. Digital Mixing Console [Call for Price]

The Avid VENUE SC48 is a state-of-the-art 48-channel digital mixing console that is the board of choice for many of the audio industry's top engineers. This all-in-one powerhouse is a necessity for large venue front-of-house audio, touring sound, or advanced multi-tracking studio work.

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