To Pittsburgh and Back!

Over Memorial Day Weekend, TSV got on the road! Collin and Andy hit the old dusty trail to embark on an epic adventure to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; to provide staging and a sound system for an outdoor festival that is touring throughout the country this summer. Once there, the two of them set up a beautiful Stageline SL50 mobile stage, complete with our JBL VRX line array rig.

Here are some technical specifications of the setup:

Our Setup:

  • 8 JBL VRX932LA's for mains, 4 cabinets per side
  • VRX932's powered by Crown XTi 6000 and XTi 4000 amplifiers
  • 2 2x18" cabinets providing low-end
  • Sub woofers powered by Crown XTi 6000 amplifiers
  • 4 JBL MRX512 monitors, powered by XTi2000 amplifiers (each with Ashly EQ's)
  • Yamaha LS9 32-channel board for front-of-house control
  • Red Bull for fuel!

Take a look at some of these pics of their great work!

Stageline SL50 and JBL VRX arrays
photo may 25, 11 33 19 am.jpg
JBL VRX932LA Line Array
photo may 25, 6 34 30 am.jpg

TSV in Pittsburgh!

Check out these shots of staging and sound system, courtesy of TSV.