Pulitzer Art's "Music Sideways" and TSV Sound

A couple of months ago, TSV had the honor of filming for Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts. This short film, entitled "Music Sideways (Canon for three voices)" is unique live-performance piece featuring 3 vocalists from the St. Louis Symphony Chorus, performing a piece by Athanasios Argianas. This vocal piece is performed in multiple locations throughout The Pulitzer.

For this project, we wanted to capture the beautiful spaces of The Pulitzer in a simple and honest way. As a result, we did not to use any additional lighting for this project; relying solely on the existing installed lighting, and the wonderful daylight that the Pulitzer's architecture takes advantage of. The subjects of the film, the three singers, are arranged in a triangular compliment in each composition throughout The Pulitzer. This results in a great compliment to space's large flat planes and angular lines. The work also capture scenes from Pulitzer's beautiful grounds; highlighting different wings, works of art and features of the stunning building and its surrounding area.

Directed by Joel Dodson, "Music Sideways" utilized the talents of Gabe Kehoe serving as Director of Photography, Camera Operator and Production Sound Mixer. Joel chose the Black Magic Cinema Camera and Gabe chose Shure microphones and Soundcraft mixing consoles for the capturing of theses moments in this special setting.

The final result aims at putting the viewer into each unique setting, while creating a sense of the greater environment that is the Pulitzer.

You can see more about what Pulitzer Arts has to say about "Music Sideways" right here.

You can view "Music Sideways" below.

Thanks as always to Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts for working with us, it is always a pure pleasure.

Music Sideways (Canon for three voices)

Filmed at Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts, St. Louis, Missouri on 6/28/14

Filmed and recorded by Gabe Kehoe

Directed by Joel Dodson

Edited by Joel Dodson