Eight Unique Ways to Make a Powerful Event Entrance

Give your attendees a taste of what’s to come and build enthusiasm for your event with an impressive entrance! In this post, we will give you eight entrance ideas that will give your attendees an exciting experience from the get-go!

LED Tunnel

An LED tunnel is sure to add a wow-factor and immerse your guests in the theme of your event as they are walking through it. No matter what your theme is, the LED tunnel gives you the opportunity to be creative and set a specific mood to get attendees in the right mindset before the event starts.

GOBO Runway

Guide attendees through your entrance with a branded GOBO runway. A gobo is an effective alternative to banners and signs. A gobo can be custom made with a specific theme, with your logo or with your sponsors’ logo! They can act as a “welcome mat” and give your event an authentic and unique feel right away!

  • Custom Step-and-Repeat

Step and Repeat Runway

A step and repeat leading into your event will create photo opts and make guests feel like celebrities on the red carpet! A step and repeat can feature your organization or event logo and will allow for free brand exposure when attendees post photos to Instagram, Facebook and more! This can also be a promotion opportunity for sponsors and get them excited about participating in your event if you offer to include their company logo on the step and repeat backdrop!

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Lit Up Registration Area

Attendees may become anxious or frustrated while standing in line for registration. Give them something to look at and keep excitement levels high with a captivating light display on or around your registration desk. This element paired with a seamless registration process will set the tone for a fun event!

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Video Mapping

Video mapping will turn heads of anyone walking by your venue! You can feature your company’s sizzle reel or scenic video on the building’s surface that guests can view when going inside. Video mapping is sure to build anticipation before guests even walk into the venue!

Stretched Fabrics and Graphic Wraps

With a nontraditional venue that doesn’t have an obvious entrance, you should consider using stretched fabric or vinyl wrap. With rigging or panels, the fabric can be wrapped to create walls for a corridor that attendees can walk through or vinyl can be wrapped around a truss arch at your entrance. A makeshift hallway with lighting effects or a sizable branded arch will be a dynamic and unique entry-way for your event.

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Uplighting is a great way to create a welcoming atmosphere as guests make their way into the main event space. The lights can be the colors of your brand or theme and highlight certain elements in your entrance or, if guests walk through a hallway to get into the ballroom or conference area, uplights can help lead the way and give the hallway an extra pop!

  • LED Lighting for Entance Tunnel.png

Tube Lighting

Draw guests attention with LED or neon tube lighting that acts as a tunnel or a display as guests are walking into the main event space. This will draw their focus away from any bland walls or unattractive parts of the venue and they will be sure to snap a dew pictures!

TSV wants to help you create your own versions of these thrilling entrances for your St. Louis area events. Contact us today so we can start brainstorming!