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St. Louis Lighting Equipment Rental

The right lighting can transform even the simplest productions into engaging and captivating experiences. When dynamic lighting is a part of the design, your audience will be drawn in and get the most out of your concert or corporate event! Every detail of your production will be accentuated with the best lighting effects! Here at TSV in STL, our lighting designers and operators are the best in the industry and will ensure that the lighting at your event is flawless!

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Want to use less power and have bright and colorful lighting with minimal hassle? LED lighting makes this possible and provides smooth, bright color mixing, uplighting, color wash and stage wash! Make an impression on attendees with battery powered uplights or a stage washed with LED lekos. Even intelligent lights are now available with LEDs and you can pick any color directly from the color wheel with our iPad based control systems! We have the equipment and technicians here at TSV in STL that allow LED lights to be used to their full potential at any event. So contact us today and get the best LEDs!

  • St. Louis Stage Light Rental


Unlock a new world of potential by adding movers to your event! We carry movers from Clay, ROBE, Martin, Paky, Chauvet and Elation. Make your event a memorable one by adding a few Martin MAC Auras or by flying dozens of Clay Paky Mythos and B-Eye fixtures!

  • St. Louis Stage Lighting Rental


Conventional lighting will give you warmth and reliability. At TSV STL, we offer ETC Source Four pars and lekos, to fresnels, spots and scoops for any project. Remember to ask about our options for dimmers, power distro, gel, diffusion and many more accessories.

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Without control, the show can’t go on! For lighting designers, we carry Hogs and GrandMAs, which may mean nothing to non-lighting professionals! That’s why we provide iPad based controllers that make putting together basic lighting design quick and easy for anyone and we also carry simple lighting boards for smaller productions.

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