I don't know what audio/video equipment I need to rent. Can you help?

Yes! Our team of expert audio/video technicians will walk you through the rental process to ensure you have exactly what you need for your special occasion. We will advise you on lighting, audio, video, stage setup and rigging, and backline equipment rental. TSV will create a perfectly customized plan that fits your budget and needs.

Do you have technicians that setup and operate audio/video equipment?

Yes. TSV Sound and Vision has a team of technical experts who are fully trained to setup and operate all TSV equipment. This includes stage equipment and rigging, lighting equipment, PA equipment, as well as projectors and projector screens.

What should I do if I can't find the audio/video equipment I need on your site?

If you do not see the equipment you need listed on our site, have no fear! Here at TSV Sound and Vision, we're always upgrading our equipment offerings and can find a way to get you the audio or video equipment you need for your next event.

If I rent a projector, what else will I need?

It depends. If your presentation requires sound including music or dialogue, you will need to rent PA equipment to project the audio. You will also need to rent a projector screen to show your presentation. If you have a slide show or presentation, you will need a laptop with the proper VGA Out connection or the necessary adapters to accommodate the projector. TSV will have many of the cords and adapters necessary to accommodate most laptops and will consult with you prior to renting all equipment.

How can I pay for my audio/video equipment rental?

At TSV Sound and Vision, we accept major credit cards and checks (with valid ID), as well as cash as payment for our audio/video equipment rental services.

What is included with my audio/video rental?

All TSV Sound and Vision audio/video equipment rentals are equipped with the power cables and connectors necessary to properly run all rented equipment. Although, it is important to understand that microphone rental does not include the PA system that would amplify the microphone and projector rental does not automatically include projector screen rental. Your TSV Sound and Vision representative will inform you of all details as you progress through the rental process.

How far in advance should I reserve my rental?

You should reserve your TSV Sound and Vision audio/video equipment as soon as possible. All equipment is available on a first-come first-serve basis.

Do you offer same day audio/video rentals?

If the particular audio/video equipment needed for your event is not currently being rented, in most cases we can accommodate a same day rental request including experienced technicians to setup and operate all TSV equipment.

Do you provide audio/video rental services outside of St. Louis, MO?

TSV Sound and Vision will travel outside of St. Louis to setup and operate all audio/video equipment. Contact a TSV representative to see if we are available in our area.

Does TSV do outdoor and indoor events?

Yes. TSV Sound and Vision is able to accommodate both outdoor and indoor events including weddings, concerts, corporate events, and special occasions of all kinds.

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