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Why Choose TSV For Your Event Lighting Needs

Why might you be in need of a company that specializes in event lighting? If you're planning a smaller affair, it may make sense to make lighting a DIY project. However, lighting for an event such as a concert or wedding isn't quite the same thing as decorating a home for the holidays. Event lighting doesn't just provide illumination - it sets the mood for a gathering, can help showcase a performer, or even draw attention to a bride's first dance. In short, lighting can make or break an event, and having the right lighting professionals is crucial to making sure your event, party or wedding stuns your guests.

While the right type of lighting is vital for your important event, there are also all the technical aspects of event lighting to consider. This type of lighting doesn't just involve outlets and a dimmer switch. Professional, quality event lighting involves washes, uplighting, and projection lighting, among many other choices. It needs experienced hands to operate lighting equipment and take care of all the technical tasks.

At TSV Sound and Vision, there are many advantages of our event lighting services. Not only are customers guaranteed that the proper lighting is used for both aesthetic and safety reasons, having professionals in charge of lighting means the event hosts can relax and enjoy their event. While people may think that they're saving money by taking care of event lighting themselves, the reality is that in terms of time, safety, and technical issues, they're actually saving money by hiring a professional event lighting company.

For example, in planning a wedding, flowers, décor, and favors are no brainers. But proper lighting often gets overlooked, both during the ceremony and at the reception. The right lighting can set the mood, and flatters both the wedding party and guests in all the photography that's part of such affairs. At TSV, our wedding lighting rentals options include:

• Uplighting

• LED lighting

• Projection lighting

• Dance floor lighting

Our wedding lighting team works with clients personally to make sure that this customized lighting is as unique as the wedding itself.

We also have other event lighting rentals that event planners may not even know about. For example, a corporate event, be it an awards ceremony or training, can benefit from the following types of lighting:

• Conventional lighting fixtures

• Portable spotlights

• HMI followspots

• Various LED washes

So, while lighting is an important part of events, there's no reason for event organizers to struggle with finding and operating it themselves. Instead, they should call the professional lighting professionals at TSV. At TSV Sound and Vision, we've been taking care of audio, visual, and event lighting needs in the St. Louis area for years. Our dedicated and professional staff ensures that any type of event has the right lighting to make it unforgettable.

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