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What To Look For In An Event Production Company

Event planning and event production has become one of the fastest-growing industries in the nation. With so many new businesses and innovative new products and services being invented, many people are turning to events to create buzz about their product or service. New and established businesses alike need to make sure their corporate events go off without a hitch, as reputation is of utmost importance when planning an event of any kind. With stakes this high, having an event production specialist on your side is a necessity. With all the event planners and event production companies available today, we've put together some qualities you should look for when deciding on an event production company for your unique event.

The Delegation Equation

The event planner in charge of putting on a big show or engaging in concert production has to be aware of one very important fact: They can't do it all themselves. When asking an event planner about what they have to offer, make sure you listen for the people they plan to bring on to the project. They should be talking about the concert production specialists and the A/V professionals they have worked with in the past, and should show you examples of works they have created. If they sound too much like a one-man band, it might be a good idea to save yourself and them a lot of stress and move on to the next candidate.

Venue Options

An experienced event planner should also have established relationships with venues of all sizes, from small community halls all the way up to major event sites like convention centers. Nearly all of these locations have very capable business development departments, which means just about anyone can establish enough of a relationship with them to speak intelligently about what they have to offer. If your planner is putting together a wedding production and they sound like they are too focused on one location or doesn't sound like they have those relationships yet, it could be a red flag.

Event Types

Whether you are putting on a wedding or concert, even a large-scale dinner, an event planner should have a fairly comprehensive list of suggestions for you tailored to the particular kind of event you have in mind. Concerts and weddings are similar in some ways and very different in others, and neither has much in common with a family dinner. Every type of event requires a different set of skills and different knowledge. Make sure your planner knows how to be flexible and effective for a variety of different event types.

The thing you want to avoid is trading one set of problems for another. Hiring a company like TSV Sound and Vision gives you the expert help you need for concert production, audio production, and event production. Our A/V production specialists work with event planners to bring amazing sights and sounds to all types of events. Event planners should be solving your problems and not creating new ones. If you make the right choice, you'll find the event is just as enjoyable for you as it is for your guests.