We Like Andrew

Andrew is awesome!

He's a pretty funny guy, but he also knows how to get down to business!

You see, Andrew is our warehouse manager and he basically keeps TSV organized and ready to rock for our awesome events and installations. Andrew is often "behind the scenes" so I thought I would dedicate this blog post to him and all that he does!

And just for fun, here's a short little interview I did with him the other day:

JD: What's your name?

AC: Ondrew Careter

JD: How long have you been working with TSV?

AC: That's a good question, I don't know...2 years...[then something inaudible]

JD: What's your favorite facet of event production?

AC: [laughs] Concise use of cables...we made a pledge for the company..."We will always use our brains."...I think about things when running cable...because it saves us a hundred feet!

JD: So you're a pretty neat and tidy person, huh?

AC: Professionally, yes.

JD: What's your favorite food?

AC: Food? Beef Stew.

JD: What keeps you fueled for running the TSV shop?

AC: Caffeine and nicotine...and breakfast...which I usually skip.

JD: That's quite a combination, I suppose. So people who know you, know that you're in a band. Tell me more about that.

AC: [chuckles] It's art rock because we have essentially a rock trio...but we're avant garde and experimental...I feel the band has benefitted from my job.

JD: In what way?

AC: Because of my ever-improving audio expertise now, and because my being able to "borrow" a number of things.

JD: So, when it comes to organization, what's your philosophy? What's your process?

AC: In terms of organization? Measure twice, cut once. Otherwise you'll cut twice after you've measured once...then you are a dunce! I just try and think it through...I visualize what I'm doing before I do it, that way, when I'm actually doing it, I've already seen it once before.

JD: Well thanks for taking time out of your day to conduct this little interview. Finally, one last question...If you were attacked by a shark, how would you defend yourself?

AC: Eat my way out? When God closes one door, he opens another.

Thanks, Andrew!