TSV Sound and Vision and Shane Company: Holiday Event Production

At TSV Sound and Vision, our event production team has worked with many different companies on a variety of events and is experienced in creating memorable events within our client's budgets. As the holiday season approaches, we wanted to share a recent project we worked on with Shane Company. Our holiday party production experts were referred to Shane Company's marketing team by one of our long-standing clients, and we were excited to work with them to help boost the atmosphere of their annual holiday party, which was "St. Louis Toyland" themed. Read on to learn more about the event lighting we created for Shane Company.

We first set the scene by using waterproof IP rated LED fixtures to uplight the exterior of the building. These exterior uplights helped to set the tone of the event before guests even entered the building, and made a festive first impression as guests arrived.

We then used battery powered LED uplights throughout the interior of the event, highlighting the bar, the band's performance area, and Shane Company's display cases and product installations.

Lastly, we installed a waterproof Chauvet LED Leko to project a gobo on the exterior of the building. Because the Gobo was needed over the next month, we made sure it was stable and could stand up to the elements and St. Louis winter weather.

While our event production team was initially brought for a simple uplighting job, our recommendations as the event progressed improved the event design and appearance in many ways. We even added a satellite sound system with a wireless transmitter to bring the audio of the live bank into other areas of the space, so guests were not only stunned by the visual aspect of the event but the audio as well. Even though the client was hesitant to spend more budget on the A/V aspects of the holiday party, they were pleased with the end result and noted that the additional investment truly paid off. In their words, "it just felt more like a party!"

In the end, the TSV Sound and Vision event production team was brought on for a simple event lighting job, but through our expertise and recommendations, we were able to heighten the atmosphere of the holiday party while also sticking to our client's budget.

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