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TSV and The Behringer X32

TSV Sound & Vision shows you around the Behringer X32 digital mixing console with some insight into its connectivity and effects capabilities...

Over the past 5 years, the Behringer X32 has made its way through the ranks of digital consoles to become a trusted workhorse on small to medium-sized shows, where digital mixing, on-board effects and advanced signal-routing is needed to get the job done. And while we here at TSV rely on a wide variety of digital consoles for a number of specific requirements, we have been able to find a place for the X32 in our arsenal for providing professional audio equipment rental. We have been pleased with many of the features that the X32 offers and we thought we would show you some of those features here...

Setting up the Behringer X32 with the S32 digital stage box

The X32 is a stand-alone digital mixing console, but its potential really isn't fully realized unless you're pairing it with the S32 digital stage box. This 32-input box connects to the X32 and allows the engineer to run signal in/out (via XLR) at the stage while still controlling 32 channels of input and 16 channels of output (monitor mixes, front of house, etc) via one single cat 5 cable from the X32. Utilizing cat 5 signal eliminates the traditional, clunky "copper" snakes and allows the engineer to get up and running faster. Check out this video of how to pair the S32 to the X32 console.

Behringer X32 Efffects - Reverbs

Like any digital console worth its salt, the X32 comes complete with on-board effects, ready to be called-up and dialed-in for the just the right application. In this video we demonstrate how the X32's different reverbs sound when applied to a drum kit.

Behringer X32 Effects - Delays and More

The X32 not only has many reverbs in its effects racks, but also a ton of great effects like delays, compressors and other studio-sytle effects at the ready. In this video we demonstrate how the X32's different delays and combination effects sound when applied to a drum kit.

Behringer X32 Effects - Combination Effects

When you're mixing effects into your instruments sometimes you just want something that you can notice immediately, without having to "tweak" parameters of the different effects to get something cool. On the X32, you can call up these combination effects which can drastically change the sound of your instruments right away...check these out!