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Our LED Wall in Action!

A little while ago, we told the world about our LED Video Wall.

We're excited that we have the opportunity to add this whole new dynamic to our clients' live events as well as to our list of event production services.

In case you may be wondering what an "LED video wall" is exactly, allow us to enlighten you!

An LED video wall is exactly what it sounds like: a wall made of LEDs that is capable of displaying video.

This "wall" however, doesn't start out as a giant screen. It is comprised of smaller LED panels. These panels, which are generally square or rectangular in shape, contain many small LED lights, arranged in a grid pattern within the panel. Panels are then arranged together to create larger and larger surface, with each tiny LED serving as one "pixel" in the wall's overall "resolution".

Since these panels are modular, they can also be arranged in other ways as well. Columns, rows and other configurations can really add a unique facet to a stage production, concert or other live event.

To see just how the video wall takes shape, check out these photos...

  • LED wall close-up
  • Rear of LED wall
  • Light from LED wall
  • Rear of LED wall 2
  • LED Wall
  • LED wall columns
  • LED wall on stage

LED Video Wall

And don't forget to watch this video of our stunning LED video wall in action!