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New Episode of The Dodcast!

Joel and his dad are at it again with another interesting episode of The Dodcast!

Joel and David are back with another episode of The Dodcast. In this, their second episode, they focus the spotlight on their previous lives in music. Discussing each of their short-lived "music careers", David provides some insight into the his life as an on-campus roadie in Springfield, MO in the mid-1970's and Joel sheds some light on being an aspiring musician struggling to make a break in St. Louis in the early 2000's. Along the way, they manage to talk about some of their favorite local watering holes, as well as mention some of their recently-acquired studio equipment. And the end of this episode, they conclude the evening with a live performance of one of their favorite Jackson Browne songs.

Check it out Episode 2 right and stay tuned for more from them soon!

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