TSV is very honored and proud to have provided sound for Muck Fest MS and the amazing event that they held in Pittsburgh, PA a couple of weeks ago.

Here's a little more about Muck Fest MS, from their website:

MuckFest™ MS is the nation’s best mud and obstacle fun-run. But it's so much more. Made with mud, sweat and cheers, the five-mile course features a gauntlet of muck-filled mazes, pits and craters with over twenty gigantic steel obstacles. The fun doesn't stop when you slide over the finish line. There’s beer, great food and music in the MuckFestival area. We operate on “the more, the muckier” principle, so bring your friends and family to join in the hilarious spills and thrills. We even have a specially-designed mucky playlot for the kids called Lil’ Muckers.

And here's the best part: 100% of our fundraising dollars go to theNational Multiple Sclerosis Society—helping to prove that you can have loads of dirty fun and feel good about it in the morning.

We are so pleased to work alongside this amazing organization, providing them with reliable touring sound and stage rental. And our techs were on-site throughout the whole event, to ensure that everything went smoothly, the whole time. Using JBL line arrays, powered by Crown amplification, we were able to design a sound system that effectively covering an area of 150,000 square feet, meeting their soundscape needs for the duration of the mucky and muddy festivities!

And for those "gear heads" out there, here's the list of the equipment we used to make this event a hit!

Main Sound:

2 arrays of 4 JBL VRX932LA1's (1 array per side)

  • Each VRX932LA has 1 - 12" woofer, 3 - 1.5" horn drivers, with program power rated at 1600 Watts for each cabinet.
  • Top 2 cabinets in each array powered by Crown XTi6000's
  • Bottom 2 cabinets in each array powered by Crown XTi4000's

2 2x18" 1600W Subwoofers (1 cabinet per side)

  • Each subwoofer cabinet powered by a Crown XTi6000
  • Subs crossed over at 120 Hz.


  • For staging monitoring. MRX512 consists of 1 - 12" woofer and 1 - 1.5" horn driver, with program power rated at 800 Watts.
  • MRX512's powered by Crown XTi2000's, each with dedicated 31-band Ashly EQ's

Yamaha LS9

  • 32-channel digital mixing console
  • On-board EQ, effects, compression


Stageline SL50

  • 320 Square Feet of stage surface
  • Integrated hardware for flying sound and mounting lighting
  • Fiberglass roof

Here are some pictures of the event and look for more from TSV as we get on the road this Summer!!!


photo may 25, 11 33 19 am.jpg
photo may 25, 6 34 30 am.jpg
JBL VRX932LA Line Array
Stageline SL50 and JBL VRX arrays
Red Bull, LS9, TSV