Gone, But Not Forgotten: The JBL MRX Series

Here at TSV we love JBL. We gotta say, it's pretty easy to love them; they make such great products!

Well, like any good company, JBL is constantly on a mission to create the best products in their field. And with that pursuit comes new, and more innovative speakers and designs. And while we certainly love all the new and exciting things JBL is coming out with, we are still so thrilled with older speakers that JBL has since retired from their current lineups.

The MRX line is just one such series.

And so, to the MRX line we say, you may be gone, but you are certainly not forgotten! After all, how could we forget you when we use you everyday?!?!

We trust the MRX 512M for almost all of our on-stage fold-back monitoring...and we get compliments from bands all the time on how loud, yet articulate they are. Heck, they're not just great for monitors, we even use the MRX 512M as mains for ballroom functions, small corporate meetings, and smaller outdoor events. Don't let the 12" speaker format fool you, these lightweight cabinets are incredibly loud and very versatile. And these 512's, combined with our Crown XTi power, makes them a formidable solution for just about any aspect of speaker rental.

So JBL, keep making the good stuff, but just know that your "retired" products are still sharing the stage with your latest and greatest, like our awesome VRX932LA system!

And THAT's the sign of a good product, something that can withstand the test of time and new technology!

Thanks, JBL!


JBL 512M-1
Sound System Rental
JBL 512M-3

The JBL MRX 512M

Here are some shots of our lovely JBL 512M collection!