Shure Microphones


I played snare drum in symphonic band in middle school and since then, I've always wanted to play drums in a band. But like most "rock n' roll fantasies," it never came to fruition.

But that's fine, because now I harness my appreciation for the drums and my love of microphones into trying my very best to make drums sound as good as or in the studio. I figure, hey, if I can't play the drums that good, I might as well let someone else do the playing, and I'll do the mixing. And with the help of our amazing microphone collection here at TSV, I can tackle just about any drumming application with ease.

Here are a couple of vids for your enjoyment:

Justin Hanson (of Honeytribe) August, 2011

I was honored to run sound for Devon Allman and his band, Honeytribe over the Summer of 2011. Here, drummer Justin Hanson tears up the drums in a pretty amazing solo.

Microphones used:

  • Kick: Shure Beta52
  • Snare: Shure Beta98
  • First tom: Shure Beta98
  • Second tom: Shure Beta98
  • Floor tom: Shure Beta98
  • Overheads: two Audio-Technica AT2021


"That's What you Get" (Paramore) Drum Cover

This is a silly drum cover I did of the Paramore song "That's What you Get." Now I'm certainly not the best drummer in the world, but I like to play this song, so I wanted to know what it would be like if I recorded my drumming. Not great, but still a lot of fu!

Microphones used:

  • Kick - Shure Beta 52
  • Snare - Shure SM57
  • Hats - Shure SM57
  • Floor Tom - Shure SM58
  • Overheads - 2 Audio-Technica AT2021