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CHALLENGE! The Mackie 1402 vs. Soundcraft EPM 6

If you read our blog regularly, then you know that we LOVE big mixing consoles, in fact, you can check out a list of our favorite digital mixers right here. But, you know, sometimes all you really need to get a job done is a small-format mixer. Something with just a few inputs, a little EQ and a couple of faders...nothin' fancy. There are a lot of manufacturers that make some truly great small consoles, but for us, it doesn't get much better than Soundcraft mixers. And while the Mackie 1402 has dominated the small-format mixing realm for decades, we've always felt that Soundcraft's EPM 6 was just as good of a board, and with it's sweepable mid's (oh and did I mention smaller price tag?) it may even be a BETTER board! So we thought: hey, we should do a real head-to-head comparison between the 1402 and Soundcraft EPM 6 and see what they sound like...and that's just what we did!

But before we get to the vid, here are some quick specs:

Audio Source: iPhone 5 into a CBI DBGL Pro Direct Box

Input: XLR into Channel 1

Head Amp Gain: 20db

Channel 1 Fader Level: Unity (or "0")

Master Fader Level: Unity (or "0")

EQ: Flat to start, then adjusted live


Mackie 1402 vs. Soundcraft EPM 6 Sound Comparison